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    that is the expression of a true winchester facing the king of hell

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    A lot of people criticize Suki because she doesn’t change through the series.  They say that she remains the same character and doesn’t experience any growth as a character.  This point is why they claim that she is a Mary-Sue.  However, this scene right here proves that she is not.

     What is so great about this scene is that it shows she has changed.  Before, she was satisfied with staying at home and protecting it.  In her eyes, and the Kyoshi Warriors’ eyes, that was fine.  It was the best way to protect her loved ones from the war.  But then something happened, the war came to her, and through that, she discovered the only true way to protect the ones she loves is going out there and make a change.  This would not have happened without Sokka, Katara, and Aang.  Yes, it was because of them that war came to their shores, but how long was this safety going to last?  Was this state of peace really going to last forever?

    No.  Of course not.

    Suki saw this.  The warriors saw this.

    They have been doing the SAME thing for YEARS.  Probably a hundred, maybe more.  Just staying on Kyoshi Island and protecting it, never venturing out.  To change this state of mind is a really big deal, and shows that Suki changes.  She changes her point of view of the view.  She wants to go out and make a difference.  And that is a big deal.

    While she teaches Sokka how to respect women, Sokka teaches her that in order to change the world she has to go out there and do something.  To really protect the people she loves and the island, she has to go out there and try to help end the war, not just wait for the battles to come to her.  This takes courage, and a lot of it.  

    Suki does grow as a character.  It might not big where a whole episode is dedicated to it, but there is lines like those that show she’s growing as a character and becoming a better and stronger person.  All thanks to Sokka.

    Which is one of the many reasons why this ship is so amazing, but I’m not getting into that.  This post is about how Suki grows as a character and doesn’t remain static through the series.

    I completely agree with Elyse here. Suki is one of my favorite characters, and people tend to over-simplify her, but she is actually a really powerful and interesting character. 

    In the beginning we see that Suki’s primary concern is protecting the people she cares about. This remains a part of her character throughout the show, but what’s really amazing is how she begins to look outward. She doesn’t just want to save her isolated group on the island anymore. She wants to help refugees make it to Ba Sing Se, she wants to save Toph (twice). She sacrifices herself for Appa because she knows that the fate of the world is more important than her own. She learns and grows and realizes that everyone is worth something and that she can’t just focus on her isolated community. She’s just such a brilliant, heroic character.

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    he’s making it hop

    this is the only thing I care about

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    Thor deleted scene

    Aw that is really cute.

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    you’ve probably sat next to a boy in class that’s had a boner before

    they were sitting next to me of course they had a boner 


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