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    Don’t talk to me until you’ve read this article.

    Finish reading What the World Looks Like Before and After Coffee

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    If this is your husband, I have just endured a 2 hour train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on. Oh, please reblog the shit out of this…

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    Two 15-year-old school boys have developed a device that will enable a shoe to charge a mobile phone while walking. Anand Gangadharan and Mohak Bhalla, both students of south Delhi’s Mount Carmel school, have invented a compact attachment, which, when attached to the heel of the shoe, will automatically act as a portable mobile charger.
    Named ‘Walkie Mobi Charger’, this gadget generates electricity up to six volts, as against five volts released through a plug point and ensures that the phone battery is charged at a faster pace. So if a plug-in charger takes half-an-hour to charge a phones up to 25%, the walking device will charge 40% of the battery in the same time………..
    The device functions on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The compression and relaxation caused by walking creates pressure on the sponge attached in the middle which produces electricity.Two LEDs, blue and red, indicate the supply of electricity and battery charging, respectively.The device is equipped to charge several models of phones. All one needs to do is connect the charger to the shoe while the phone rests in your pocket. “This is an effective way to utilise an alternate source of energy and is also a healthy way to decrease your electricity bills,” they said.

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    The Body Shapes of the World’s Best Athletes Compared Side By Side

    Health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Every single one of these athletes is a certified bad-ass.

    I’ve posted this before but it’s worth reblogging!

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    A couple of years ago, when I was newly pregnant and reporting in the West Bank, some of my local colleagues insisted that I skip covering a protest at an Israeli checkpoint. At first, I was resistant to letting pregnancy stand in the way of my work, but they knew from experience that there might be tear gas, and tear gas, they said, causes miscarriages.

    They were right: though rigorous studies are few, there is evidence that tear gas is an abortifacient. In 2011, Chile temporarily suspended its use after a University of Chile studylinked it to miscarriage and fetal harm. Investigating the use of tear gas in Bahrain in 2012, Physicians for Human Rights found that local doctors were reporting increased numbers of miscarriages in exposed areas. And UN officials have connected tear gas to miscarriages in the Palestinian territories.

    This means it’s likely that police in Ferguson, Missouri, have been spraying abortion-causing chemicals on crowds of civilians. Recently at TheNation.com, Dani McClain wrote about the killing of black youth as a reproductive justice issue, one that goes to the heart of the rights of parents to raise their children in peace, safety and dignity. She’s correct, of course, but if the anti-abortion movement were actually concerned about the well-being of the unborn, then the violence in Ferguson would be a pro-life issue as well.

    jesus fuck

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    I hardly see any heroic posts about Muslims on here, so here you go.

    It’s iron fist yall

    Good fucking job dude.


    I love that it takes the time to specify that his attack of choice was a flying kick

    This man deserves all the applause.

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    What really blows me is that they are trying to use marijuana against him as if we didn’t know what cigarillos were for….

    they did the same thing with Trayvon. Matter fact, just about every Black person they kill these days they use marijuana against, whether it’s true or not, and it damn sure isn’t relevant.

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    Drop the charges against Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh now!

    Agents of the Department of Homeland Security arrested Odeh on Oct. 22 at her home in Evergreen Park, a suburb of Chicago. Odeh is charged with immigration fraud. Allegedly, in her application for citizenship, she did not mention that she was arrested in Palestine 45 years ago, by an Israeli military court that detains Palestinians without charge - a court that has over 200 children in prison today and does not recognize the rights of Palestinians to due process.

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